german made violin Comes with bow shown. Violin German “Michael Deconet” label, c. 40 shipping. HOFFMANN, Martin. 1870; Rare French violin bow by Joseph Gaude, ca. 1920, labeled COPY OF, If your violin says Antonius Stradivarius Faciebat Anno 1723, made in Germany look no further. Original light brand. Sale Price US$620. The violin was constructed in Mittenwald, Germany, probably in the workshops of Neuner and Hornsteiner using brilliant tonewood from the Karwendel mountains, somewhere which because of its climate produced fine sounding wood for violins. 00. We are knowledgeable about the types and makes of all the instruments to help ensure the right purchase and/or rental for our customers. Buyer may pick-up, or I will UPS it at buyer's cost. "Germany" didn't exist as a single entity until the German states united under Bismarck in 1867, and it wasn't until 1890 that the McKinley tariff required items imported into the US to bear the name of the country of origin. There is a book or article that mentions the estate of a violin maker in Venice in the 18th century. Excellent condition. This lightweight violin is an incredible value for a professional instrument, a statement reflected in its continually strong sales numbers. Ready to burn a barn down or just a new thing for you to study. Glasel and worked at Markneukirchen (a famous violin making city in Germany). He died in 1611, and if the violin says "Made in Germany" it's much younger than that. Martin, Sachsen, labeled E. two tuner keys are broken. Circa 1920's( but going by the Geib case it was probably made in the early 1900's until 1940 at least the case was from that era, it has the same outer skin that Martin Guitar cases from the 1930's have. MARTIN, SACHSEN, GERMANY, COPY OF STRADIVARIUS, branded on and below the button overlying EM, length of back 359 mm. Beneath is a W. A well-made German violin from the late 19 th century Dresden maker, Alfred Moritz. E. 1 in G Minor, BWV 1001: II. I created the Studio as a place to help String Players reach their highest potential, and their musical goals by optimising instruments, providing high quality instruments and expert advice. $1,250. "The main body of the text is devoted to a complete and authoritative alphabetical list of all the craftsmen known to have made violins or other stringed instruments as works of art in the German-speaking lands of Central Europe. Unbranded 1920’s – 1930’s German. 00 #369: Used 1999 Paesold German PA800 Well-aged European spruce and maple are crafted by the award-winning makers in the Ming Jiang Zhu workshop, each violin is made by hand using traditional Italian methods to achieve professional-quality tone and range of dynamics. Body Wood Top: Spruce Wood Back: Flame Maple Seller: max7755t (671) 100%, Location: Downey, California, Ships to: US, Item: 322394259739 4/4 Violin w case and bow - Made in Germany. its made in Germany and on the back of the scroll is ornately stamped” Paganini Violin” cant find any info on it. Asking $1700, also includes hard case (~$150 value), pernambuco bow (purchased for $350), fiberglass bow (needs to be re-haired), and Kun Bravo shoulder rest (purchased for $80). He became incredibly important to the history of German bow making, and he was given a royal title “purveyor to the royal Saxonian court,” by the House of Saxony as an acknowledgement of his W-27VN, A new German violin made in the workshop of Lothar Semmlinger. Often a disciple placed a facsimile label in a violin to acknowledge or honor the master whose model inspired his work. Hand-made violins are often the most valuable. From Japan. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The viol (/ ˈ v aɪ ə l /), viola da gamba (Italian: [ˈvjɔːla da (ɡ)ˈɡamba]), or informally gamba, is any one of a family of bowed, fretted and stringed instruments with hollow wooden bodies and pegboxes where the tension on the strings can be increased or decreased to adjust the pitch of each of the strings. So this is an instrument that was made in Germany, and there was a time when the Germans felt like they would have more of an advantage in the marketplace if their names didn't sound German, and so Sandner Dynasty Violin-Outfits German Design. Some parts may be made of plastic, like the chin rest and the tuning JTL Sarasate Violin circa 1930. ON SALE; Cello Montagnana 1740; Violin Guarneri 1742, 2014; Violin Guarneri Il Cannone 1742; 2 Violins Josef Sandner Violin Bow – German Made Silver Mounted $ 1,250. OUR TRADE-IN OPTION You may trade in any violin purchased from us for a another one at any time for up to 6 months from the original purchase date. You can have a rest and please slide to verify. Your Price US$475. 18. "X" branded under handle at end of stick and on inside of underslide (between the stick and the frog) to show that this frog and bow are a matching pair. They are still considered to be good student violins and sell in the $300 range. Stream songs including "Violin Sonata No. Often a disciple placed a facsimile label in his violin to acknowledge or honor the master whose model had inspired his work. 32. Terms: This violin is available for examination and trial and has been meticulously set up to our exacting specifications before addition to our By Richard Ward. wikipedia. Among the goods left by the deceased luthier are hundreds of German factory made violins Crystal Violin - made in Germany BazarDoozy. Stradivari also made harps, guitars, violas, and cellos--more than 1,100 instruments in all, by current estimate. It has one of the first class professional strings "Evah Pirazzi". Erlangen, Germany, 1972. They also lack the handcrafted features found on professional instruments. Hand-made violins are often the most valuable. You can find a label inside the (usually) left hand f-hole in the violin. Southern Markneukerchen German Violin Made in Markneukerchen, German c. Helmut Illner has been one of the most influential and sought-after luthiers and works in Erlanger, Germany. It has a 62 neck profile which was the last year for a wide neck. Violin Kit by Hofner, Made in Germany. 00 Add to cart. $300 work done, fresh $40 strings, you’ll need resin. Ribs of matching maple to that of the back table. Carved and varnished in Germany according to the specifications German luthier Helmut Illner. bow is made by Bausch. In a small, remote area known as the Vogtland in the state of Saxony in Eastern Germany on the Czech border, more stringed instruments have been made over the centuries than anywhere else in the world. This French-looking, French-named 4/4 violin was more than likely made in the E. The violin is varnished in a transparent golden-amber color. From United States. This violin is a great true german high quality violin for a small budget. An excellent trade instrument and value for the money. Violin - $220 / Viola - $230 / Cello - $275 (4/4 only) / Bass - N/A. This means your violin is early 1920s or very close. If buying a used Rothenburg, you may want to replace the bridge and strings right away as they are the part that needs replacing most often. This is still used in some circumstances, but has been replaced by strands of steel or other synthetic materials. as/82169> Mr. org/wiki/Amati; Preacher4life, 5 years ago Research shows that shortly after 1900 there was a law passed that required all imports coming into the United States had to be marked(in English) of where the item was made. Thousands of violins were made there for export to the US. As a driving force in the violin trade, Mr. How to do Chladni experiments, including a high precision oscillator to download Animations, photographs and explanation of Chladni patterns A violin made in Germany with a high quality workmanship and tone. Knilling violins are made predominantly in Germany, Czech Republic, and Romania with the highest quality woods. R. Instruments made for students are generally made from different woods than professional models. ) for violin / viola in different…. CLOSEOUT SALE These instruments are no longer being made, so we have them in stock until we sell out. Gartsman violins, Nicolas Maline model. Ebony, A quality--Not Polished--Violin Size -- 4/4. Brazilian Viola Bows; Old Viola Bows ; Cello Bows . 00 $ 1,295. 5" Made In Germany Violin Roderich Paesold PA801J 4/4 With Hard Case. 8655c - A fine violin by George Gemunder, Astoria 1882. Fashioned from pernambuco, this round-section bow is fully mounted in nickel and features an ebony frog with a mother-of-pearl slide and Parisian eyes. 00. (Novi) Hand made in Germany light brown full size violin with bright, rich, open sound. R. Violin labels: The label might tell you who made your violin. Originally purchased from Hartz Music in Meridian, ID in 2003 for $2250 (violin alone). Labelled Andreas Morelli Hand-made Reproduction Carlo Testore Anno 1701, also branded internally, the varnish of an orange-gold color, the length of back 14 1/16in (358mm), with case and four bows (6) Niccolò Amati was a famous violin maker in Cremona https://simple. Available in two models: 803A for $995 (original MSRP ~$1700) 803E for $1295 (original MSRP ~$2200) Al indicated that these violins were made in Markneukirchen (sp?), the mass production violin center of Germany. The Model 2000 violin is definitely a player's violin, with a deep resonant tone, and exceptional power. 14 3/4" violin made in Germany. Saying the maker, year made, and It's probable that in Stradivari's time, the best cellos were made in Italy. . The tradition of string making has been passed down through the Hannabach family through the generations. Violins are judged by their responsiveness, tone, visual appeal, elegance of design and precision of their craftsmanship. Buying Request Hub makes it simple, with just a few steps: post a Buying Request and when it’s approved, suppliers on our site can quote. Also comes with nice hard case shown. There are three primary types of violins: student violins, intermediate violins, and professional violins. The Set-Up is all ebony and original. Full size, Red Spruce top, flame maple boy. Has some varnish wear on the top but nothing serious. German-made Anton Beder Stradivarius copy violin 1/2 size - (Corvallis for sale in Eugene, Oregon. it has a beautiful sound and has Conservatory Violin engraved on the back of the head…. The pegs are snug and the scroll and peg-box are in great shape. C. Serviced and ready with fresh strings, new bridge and freshly re-haired bow. – SOLD Goldmontierung, runde Stange, 60,2 Gramm, perfekter…. German 4/4 violin labeled Antonio Loveri and imported by Tonk brothers c 1920. This violin is a beautiful old instrument, and has a nice mature and warm sound. German Violin, labeled COPY OF NICOLAUS AMATI,German Violin, labeled COPY OF NICOLAUS AMATI, length of back 360 mm. HOCHBRÜCKER. 8336 - Luciano Sderci, Milan 1963 PHOTO. Nice German-made violin - tag inside reads "Anton Beder Copie Antonius Stradivarius Germany". Joseph Guarneri model, using the finest of materials and beautiful, soft varnish. Later at Augsburg. German Violin. 1982” Labeled “Copy of Antonio Stradivarius”- Made in Germany circa 1920 L Ludwig Paganini violin C1920 L Ludwig was a German maker whose special model Paganini violin was imported to the USA by Lyon & Healy between 1900 and 1920. Josef Sandner Violin Bow – German Made Silver Mounted. After 6 months, trade-in value will be individually determined by Select Violins. Most recently it was played by Glenn Dicterow of the New York Philharmonic during a ceremony at the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum in New York City. $1,100. Comes with a hard case. Made in Germany by Hofner, this bass is also know as the "Mersey" model. Violins from German luthier, Helmut Ilner are handmade. Learn more N. Solid spruce is found on the top while maple covers the neck, sides and the back, making it one of the best Best German Made violins. The German school of violin making, however, managed to infiltrate all areas of Europe: George Epp, the Hollmayrs, and the Fichtls took on Vienna, Andreas Ott and Bathasar Kogl were the founders of the the Prague cohort, Caspar Tieffenbrucker introduced violin making to Lyon, and Naples was home to Georgio Bairhoff and Eberle, while Michael Violins for sale that meet the highest performance standards: Corilon violins presents its online collection of old German, French and Italian violins -- fine violins, fullsize student and professional violins as well as fine antique violins, rare and historic master violins. 1922 Francois Guillmont German-made 4/4 Violin This page updated on April 18th, 2012. In great condition. German violin with new top "Made by Dewey Herbst, 1942," blonde refinished. Adagio", "Violin Sonata No. The Stroh violin is closely related to other horned violins using a mica sheet-resonating diaphragm, known as phonofiddles. May 18, 2020 · A good old FRENCH violin made around 1900 in the JTL shop in Mirecourt. By Diane Bruce. Product Number: VK1. I recently purchased - through eBay - an old German made violin, 3/4 size, and it’s roughly 120 years old, or thereabouts. The fact that i seems to be made in 82 as you can read in the right in handwritten explains why ot says it is Made in West Germany as there still was the German Democratic Republic which was controlled by Soviet Russia until the wall came down in 1989. This violin was made in Germany in about 1870. Re: WWII pilot who made violin in German prison camp dies « Reply #1 on: September 27, 2010, 06:10:14 pm » What a magnificent comment of the strength of the human spirit. C $396. to be cleaned by my mother and I. Nº 327 : Old German master violin - Stradiuarius model by Ernst Heinrich Roth 1961. Here, he builds and repairs stringed instruments. Full Size Image. Handmade in Germany As a result of the quality of both their strings and rosin, Pirastro has become a byword for a sound which is both beautiful and reliable Incredibly powerful and even tempered, yet also responds richly, predictably, and precisely to a finer touch over its entire range - no thin spots. The early violins are characterized by their carved backs, f-holes and lateral pegs, as can be seen in early European paintings, but shapes and designs varied and did not settle on a standard form until Andrea Amati (1500-1577) of the Amati family of violin makers from Professional skills to make hand-made violins and to repair string instruments were totally absent in India. Identify the maker of the violin. This cello has a lovely sweet voice perfect for an intermediate cellist looking for the aged antique sound found in old instruments. Violins by famous makers such as Stradivari, Guarneri, Maggini, Amati, or Stainer had numerous followers and imitators. The flaming on the back and sides are magnificent with a fantastic sound profile to match. Beautiful Vintage Handmade Violin a Copy of Antonius Stradivarius Made in Germany by Roth The Violin of The Artist Early 1900s All Original Beautiful. Pre-Owned. My father while he was at violinmaking school in Mittenwald, Germany used to pack and ship white violins made by his instructor, Carl Sandner, to a now famous Italian maker, who shall remain nameless. 270111M-P The viol (/ ˈ v aɪ ə l /), viola da gamba (Italian: [ˈvjɔːla da (ɡ)ˈɡamba]), or informally gamba, is any one of a family of bowed, fretted and stringed instruments with hollow wooden bodies and pegboxes where the tension on the strings can be increased or decreased to adjust the pitch of each of the strings. German Cello Makers Harvard German made violin bow from Crome collection 2021, Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences, accessed 20 March 2021, <https://ma. They also lack the handcrafted features found on professional instruments. 18. Willy Tiebel in Markneukirken Germany made Stroh violin copies in the 1920s. 97. It still has a very Hard and Put together Shell. They're clearly intended for the student market and have a midsy, clean, crisp sort of tone to them (especially with the Super-Sensitive strings on it). Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Made in Germany by master luthiers, this limited production model is built on the Stradivarius pattern and carefully graduated for optimal tone quality. These violins are NOT violins made by Antonius Stradivarius. com. Generic Maple Bridge A 1937 Otto Brückner violin made in Markneukirchen, Germany (Purchase here if available) A German copy of a 1713 Strad violin model from the mid 1900’s. at ring: 8,6 mm/0. Striped wood is better wood and indicative of a nicer violin. His interpretation of geometry and design for the violin has served as a conceptual model for violin makers for more than 250 years. The violin comes with the US-made prelude strings, which are suitable for learners. Estimate $300-500 not set up, numerous flecks and scratches, [more like this] German Violin, c. Since Stradivarius's time, hundreds of thousands of violins have been copied using his name on the label. 4 out of 5 stars 2,162 Handmade in Germany. $500. Hand-crafted in Germany from the finest tonewoods available, this is an investment in your playing that will only improve with age. this is an old Stradivarius copy violin made in Germany by gohlis. 4/4 German made violin - $1,100 (Novi) 4/4 German made violin. It has a new set-up with quality ebony fittings, a professionally cut bridge and Pro-Arte strings. Comes with hard case shown. Note: The most famous makers of violins, such as Stradivari, Guarneri, Maggini, Amati, da Salo, and Stainer, had many followers and imitators. Heberlien : Germany : c. And, in the past 100 years or so, the Germans were generally accepted to be the leaders in cello construction. According to the book "Electro-Gitarren, Made In Germany", The Wood used for The SHADOW Violin Guitar was usually MAHOGANY (like above examples), but in a This is the one of the MAPLE example. I just found this same violin in a junk shop. Many labels are fake, but even fake labels might give an idea of who made the English: A German, maple Violin made in c. Wilhelm Ernst Martin (E. 00. Dörfler bow German violin (Reinhold Geipel Sohn) made in 1863. These violins usually have some parts made of plastic, such as the pegs and chin rest. (Note that this is a CHILD's size for approximately 8-11 years old. Matthias (Mattias, Mathias) Klotz (Kloz) (1653-1743) was a German violin maker. " This basically means, if your "attic" violin says that it is an Antonio Stradivari 1707, but it also says "Made in Germany," the violin is obviously NOT an authentic Stradivari, but a factory-made copy. Today, Werner Hannabach is active in the company on a daily basis and assists with product training, repairs, and custom-made strings. Please leave your contact number and I will call you ASAP. Many older violins from Italy, France, and Germany worth money will have a label similar to this, with or without a logo. Most German-made instruments, including violin, are very well made. I can tell you that your violin was made between 1921 and the late 1940s. 1950 (3/4 size) This violin would be an excellent upgrade for the promising young musician needing to graduate into a finer sounding, more responsive instrument. Unlabeled violin, German cerca 1900 Labeled “Vincenzo Pietro Cavallini alumno di Leandro Bisiach Fece en Milano anno 1967” Labeled “Robert J Spear Washington D. The one-piece back is especially handsome, featuring a striking medium flame, descending from left to right. Violin is in excellent condition and ready for use. STRADIVARI. 00. Welcome to Olaf Grawert Violin Studio. Dresden and Weimar. Thanks. The bow is traditionally made from horsehair, but today it is common to find cheaper bows made from synthetic materials. Are there any rough spots? Rough patches inside the instrument tend to indicate a poor quality instrument. It has a new set-up with quality ebony fittings, a professionally cut bridge and Pro-Arte strings. High quality German made violins by Klaus Heffler. G. Measurement from neck to wrist should be around 21". The viol (/ ˈ v aɪ ə l /), viola da gamba (Italian: [ˈvjɔːla da (ɡ)ˈɡamba]), or informally gamba, is any one of a family of bowed, fretted and stringed instruments with hollow wooden bodies and pegboxes where the tension on the strings can be increased or decreased to adjust the pitch of each of the strings. Knopf ca. it was probably made in the town of Markneukirchen, the center of German violin production during the first half of the 20h century. The Handle is intact. It is ideal for those seeking an authentic Violin Bass: artists, enthusiasts, Beatle bands and anyone who desires the unique tone of this world-famous instrument. There is a "A. Estimate $300-500 minor flecks and blemishes. If you look inside almost any violin through the f-hole, you should see a paper label glued to the inside back of the instrument. It has a finely carved scroll and accurately inlaid purfling. In some cases, you may only find something like "Made in Germany," "Made in China," or "Made in Bohemia. 1890 Maggini copy The double purfled back in two pieces of maple of strong medium curl descending across the back from the centre joint, the ribs, peg box and scroll similar. Violins are made in three distinct ways. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or Wyatt Violin *** (Three star) HYBRID - Pernambuco wood wrapped Carbon Fiber. Label says “Made in West Germany” or “Made in East Germany” – made from 1950-1990. Very famous German Shop, well known for making intermediate to advanced instruments. c. F. This bridge is an ideal way to “upgrade” an affordable violin to improve the sound. 1860; Fine german violin bow by Franz Albert Nurnberger, ca. Unless you your violin was manufactured, you will most likely find a stamp of the violin's creator on A dark cello from Germany unlabeled made c. 8656 - Luigi Ercoli, Pistoia, 2003 14" 4/4" violin made in Germany. Dorfler Germany, Fully Mounted Brazilwood Violin Bow. 1929: C. A German violin labelled Copy of Antonius Stradiuarius, Made in Germany and branded on the scroll Conservatory Violin, the length of back 14 3/16in. Any of the old violins made by these legendary German luthiers commands a good price today. It also has ebony material on the fittings, fingerboard, and tailpiece. The violin appears to be in good condition overall, but will do need minor repairs and new strings installed. Another great option from Aubert (Joseph Teller) made in Germany from Bosnian Maple. the violin needs complete restoration. The lower strings give you a warm bass/baritone sound with good color. The tone is mellow, deep and even across the entire range. The act aimed to ensure that all foreign MADE IN GERMANY. Favorite Add to More colors Vintage Violin T-Shirt, Distressed Violin Shirt for Men and Description: A beautiful German trade violin, circa 1900’s. The violin emerged in Italy in the early 1500's. It has a new set-up with quality ebony fittings, a professionally cut bridge and Pro-Arte strings. (361mm), with bow in case (3) violins, violas and cellos, made by Petko Stoinov. Reading a Violin Label. The body is Solid 2-pieces(bookmatsched at Center) very flamymaple wood. Brazilian Cello Bows; Fractional Cello Bows; Master-Made Cello Bows; Old Cello Bows; Student Cello Bows Luthier, a term which continues today, originally meant lute-maker, but came to encompass makers of all stringed instruments. SOLD: #C-395: 1968 German ER Pfretschner violin with original case, bow. #134 Vintage 50+ years old, made in Germany expressly for William Lewis and Son, Chicago, Illinois Will need bow rehaired. Also, commercially made instruments often bear facsimile labels to identify the model of the product. Made some violins, but is chiefly known as the inventor of pedals for the harp, about 1720. This German made Amati style violin was likely made in the mid 1800's. its suppose to accomplish at a terrific worth! Very advised this Sandner German Made Full Size Violin, SAN-306. Next. Every so often, we have a customer come into our store with his chest puffed out in anticipation as he presents us with an instrument he hopes will make him filthy rich. (violins necks can be different in width) then you may use olive oil for polishing. HOFFMANN, Anton. The violin you always wanted Shop and save on the Model 58 German-Made Violin at Woodwind & Brasswind. The Auschwitz violin, made in the workshop of Schweitzer in Germany, around 1850. 1840; Fine violin bow by A. Full length: 23. The viol (/ ˈ v aɪ ə l /), viola da gamba (Italian: [ˈvjɔːla da (ɡ)ˈɡamba]), or informally gamba, is any one of a family of bowed, fretted and stringed instruments with hollow wooden bodies and pegboxes where the tension on the strings can be increased or decreased to adjust the pitch of each of the strings. 1829-75. This is a German Made Violin, includes Deluxe case, quality bow and Rosin. 8635c - A fine violin by Paul Knorr of Markneukirchen, Germany, from the early part of the 20th century. C $1,839. This may have been one of the first acts of commercial celebrity endorsement. Prices for student violins There are a lot of commercially produced German violins from around the turn of the 20th century that bear the stamp of Label “Ole Bull”. The maker is not a single person, but many, you know, diversified labor and all that. 00 This 100 year old German violin has bauernmalerei designs in gold and brown paint on a cream background and finished edges in gold paint, “Made in Germany” stamp on inside wood and a paper Stradavarius label. HÖRLEIN, Carl Adam, b. G. The top is made of medium grained spruce, the two piece back of attractively flamed maple: quality tonewoods, adorned with the VINTAGE NICKLAUS AMATI VIOLIN MADE IN GERMANY. This violin was made in 1927. List Price: US$475. $425. Top table is two-piece medium vertical grained spruce. $31. Karl Herrmann workshop, Markneukirchen, circa 1920. Bedford, Oh The Violin was taken to a violin shop in Bedford Oh. StringWorks proudly sells violins featuring hand-carved solid woods and elegant craftsmanship, creating instruments that are just as easy on the player as their listeners' ears. Lefty and Righty versions are available. Hidersine rosin. 1880. There are three primary types of violins: student violins, intermediate violins, and professional violins. Most of the "trade violins" (instruments made in a factory setting to be exported and sold by those in the trade of selling violins), were primarily made from the 1870's - 1930's. com Gabriel David Buchstetter is significant as an eighteenth century copyist of Stradivari working in Germany in the early eighteenth century. If the label doesn’t have the place of origin, I am afraid you are still most likely to have an instrument made in Germany pre-1890, but it might be worth doing a bit more checking. Back table is two-piece highly flamed maple with flames descending from the center joint. Heffler Violin Made in Germany. Klaus Heffler Violins from Germany: Quality European Instruments are difficult to find at an affordable price, but in a small town of Forchheim, in the heartland of Germany's violinmaking history, the family workshop of Klaus Heffler produces fine instruments of outstanding value. Using our new efficient production, we can offer a top-quality, German-made bass at an excellent price. Links. Label says “Made in West Germany” or “Made in East Germany” – made from 1950-1990. Hand varnished in antique style with a deeper colouration, a deep reddish brown. Solid German spruce top; Back, ribs and neck made of solid European maple; Ebony-trimmings; Wittner-tailpiece with integrated 4 string adjusters A great violin bow made in Germany by one of the greatest German bow makers Albert Nürnberger circa 1920. Using aged spruce and maple eaqch violin is crafted under the direction of Bernd Dimbath, Violin Maker in Bubenreuth. The GERMANY brand on the underside of the bow and the D. Estimate $500-700 minor flecks and abrasions, bridge wear, seam open at lower bout. Excellent violin for an advanced violinist. It is made especially for ¾ violins and comes ready to slide right in. model name / number: 4/4 Violin Here is a fine, full-size, German made violin from maker Ralf Schulz, dated 2004, Bergen, Germany. Weisshaar was a co-founder of the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers in 1980. Passionate about music, he owned the famous "Wilhelmj" Stradivarius violin of 1725, named after the great German virtuoso who previously owned it. Since CLAIR CLINE returned from World War II, The Prison Camp Violin he made has been heard in concert halls across the United States. " It bears the "Framus" label, with a violin superimposed upon a a globe (the world). This violin has a beautiful one piece back, is fully blocked and lined with neatly inlaid purfling. This violin, the workshop’s well-known Excelsior model, has a sweet and warm tone, well balanced and ideally suited for chamber music. N. Available either in round or octagonal sticks, this is the round-stick version. Best Violin Brands For Intermediate Players German violin making all began in Fussen, Germany. Identify the maker of the violin. 00: #PD164: Petur Dunov Antique Oil Romanian violin outfit. see more…. The Wyatt Violin *** bow has a flamed Pernambuco wood wrap over a carbon fiber stick, giving the durability of a fine quality carbon stick with some tonal properties of a Pernambuco wood bow. 5 out of 5 stars (3) $ 299. This is a gorgeous violin from an estate sale in Berlin, Germany. $1495 Photo Photo Photo F-30VN, William Lewis "David" violin, made in Erlangen about 1980. Premium Violin Kit by Hofner, Made in Germany. It incorporates all the researches of earlier authorities, corrects some German Made Violin By Herbert Schmitt And Sons #111348 | Black Rock Galleries. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Sandner German Made Full Size Violin, SAN-306 at Amazon. It is almost certainly an instrument made after 1890. VIOLINS-BANKRUPTCY-NEW ADULT FULL SIZE 4/4 FLAMED SOLID VIOLIN/FIDDLE-GERMAN. It's made in the town of Markneukirchen, Germany and by a good firm, mass produced, but very high-end mass production. German Commercial Violin, Amati Model, unlabeled,German Commercial Violin, Amati Model, unlabeled, length of back 363 mm, with case. Court-maker in Vienna, 1850. The double purfled front in two pieces of spruce of medium grain. German Made Violin 3/4 Size Used Good Condition Made For GoStrings Fiddleman Bow. Prev. or Best Offer. German made Roderich Paesold full size (4/4) violin. German 4/4 violin made by the Wolff Brothers in 1910. Unless you your violin was manufactured, you will most likely find a stamp of the violin's creator on Violin Makers of the Amati Family. Acclaimed German Violin-Maker Tops Italian Masters Stefan-Peter Greiner creates violins for some of the best musicians in the world. Jean Pique: 2009: Amati model: German: c. 99. Model No. Ole Bull was a virtuoso violinist, and most of these factory-made violins are poorly made, and by now are in disrepair. W. It was probably purchased between 1900-1920. Knopf ca. By 1856, the Bavarian government established a school of violinmaking in Mittenwald, the rolls of which listed more They make carefully crafted German-style violins with a wonderful “Old German” antique varnish. Its showroom features an extensive collection of violins of various types and sizes. It has rich, warm, round sound like a very expensive professional violin and it plays easily too. The stick of the bow is made from brazilwood. An outstanding violin made in Germany at the end of 19th century Almost in a perfect condition, new Dominant strings, new French bridge. Our sterling silver mounted Braided Carbon Fiber violin bows feature deluxe German-made snakewood Paulus frogs, with the highest quality goldfish abalone pearl slides, large eyes, sterling silver tip, matching three-part button. Teller 15B Violin Tailpiece Boxwood with built-in adjusters, French model, made in Germany, for 4/4 violin, comes with 4pcs integrated black fine-adjusters. Martin) was born in 1862 and died in 1907. JOHN JUZEK 15. They have a long history associated with manufacturing all Classical instruments, but it'll cost more than the Chinese models. It has dominant strings and ebony fittings. *Inside of the violin -- Casually look around the inside of the violin. . The Karl Wilhelm Model 2000 Semi-Antique German-Made Violin is meticulously crafted by hand in the German shop tradition. 9 million (2008) Ex-Vieuxtemps was the artwork of famous violin maker and also the fiercest rival of Stradivarius, Guarneri del Gesu. ) Circa 1890 German Violin -Full Sized Copy of Stradivarius made in Louis Lowendall's Berlin workshop in the 1890s. Very fine German violin bow made by Carl Heinrich Knopf in Berlin, ca. Round Pernambuco German violin bow c. 32. Fully crafted European seasoned spruce top with f-holes and purfling grooves , maple back, sides ,neck, pre finished, planed. Cecilio Violin For Beginners - Beginner Violins Kit For Student w/Case, Rosin, 2 Bows, Tuner, First Lesson Book - Starter Musical Instruments For Kids & Adults Size 4/4 Color Varnish 4. This one has been unused for several years and will need a professional service (new bridge needed, but strings & pegs seem ok). 34" Model No. Windsor. European Select seasoned spruce, maple back, sides,neck, pre finished, planed. Fully carved scroll and attractive curl on back plate. " It bears the "Framus" label, with a violin superimposed upon a globe (the world). Description. Franz Sandner 4/4 violin. The violin was handmade in Markneukirchen/Saxony. HÖHNE. The work by the trained eye is obviously German but to the untrained it looks like a nice Italian violin, (Too nice is the giveaway). May 18, 2020 · A good old FRENCH violin made around 1900 in the JTL shop in Mirecourt. 25" VIOLA Ouch You have clicked a page that seems to be very popular. Antonio Stradivari was born in 1644, and established his shop in Cremona, Italy, where he remained active until his death in 1737. It was during this time that German violin making went back to its early roots, back to the hand craft of high quality individual German 4/4 Ton-Klar "The David" violin, made in 1950's and imported by William Lewis and Son. It is a titan of a violin once again overturning commonly held preconceptions about eighteenth century German making. Sides mounted to the back, purfling groove is cut, complete neck with ebony fingerbd and fitted pegs, tailpiece, saddle, endpin, purfling, soundpost,setter,bridge, instructions. But most all violin shops, given world trends in violinmaking, will, in order to be competitive and offer the buyer the best instruments at the best prices, also carry Jacobus Stainer Violin Copy Made in Germany 1890s WynneViolins. The auction record for a violin by this maker is $269,360, set in 2010. Label says “Made in West Germany” or “Made in East Germany” – made from 1950-1990. 2012; Very fine German violin bow made by J. Made in Germany. Favorite Add to Violin Logo #3 SVG, Violin Svg, Violin Clipart, Violin Violin is in excellent shape and has an exceptionally lovely one-piece back. Fine violin made in Saxony, Germany about 1926. An affordable antique cello made from border region between Germany and the Czech republic made circa 1910. It is in great condition overall, with no cracks, splits or open seams. 1890: Scott Cao Model 750: China : C. VIOLIN, MOD. Key Events in the History of the Violin The Violin in Orchestra. I am a 2nd Generation, German trained violin maker, with well over 30 years What the guy said above is true. Comes with bow shown. He was a pupil of E. German Pernambuco German Brazilwood As with all of the 'Strad' violin copies that have been made and so labeled, many cheap bows are now being stamped or branded with famous names. 2012; Very fine German violin bow made by J. 1870; Rare French violin bow by Joseph Gaude, ca. $2400: 3/4-2286 Neuner and Hornsteiner made in Mittenwald, Germany about 1875. This violin is in excellent shape and will make a lovely violin. 18. ≈ $24. In the present day, many types of horn-violin exist, especially in the Balkans. From shop BazarDoozy $ 188. The wood, combined with the stain and shape made the instrument unique. Has a beautiful tone. Special discount price on wonderful German-made violins; all European tonewoods, hand-applied varnish, with beautiful, even tone. German Violin – Guarneri Model, c. 1910 $ 13,500. Originally an instrument of the lower classes and unorganized musical events, the violin became integral to the orchestra during the 17th century. Answer by worker2614 (137) A Rothenburg violin is a factory made violin out of a German violin building school. I don’t think the label is real, but it does look aged. $129. All Schneider violins are made for musicians who want an instrument that is capable of bringing out a wide range of musical expression. 270111M Finetune-Peg for Violin 4/4 - 3/4 1 piece, Taper 1:30, Dia. Deutsche Welle visited the violin-maker at his atelier in Bonn Sandner German Made Full Size Violin, SAN-306 DescriptionGerman Made Violin, it features Ebony fingerboard and all fittings, Naturally dried wood for a minimum of two years, Handmade and finished by several makers, hand applied varnish. กรุณาใส่ Thurmond Knight, violin maker, makes hand made violins, violas and cellos in his luthier shop nestled among 160 acres of spruce and balsam forest in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom. A lovely, German made violin for the advancing young musician. Neuner and Hornsteiner made in Mittenwald, Germany about 1875. For practical purposes this can be ignored unless it clearly says something in English like "Made in Germany," "Made in Bohemia" or "Made in China". Includes bow and new vinyl and hard case. Things not to examine: *Crud on the violin -- It’s a challenge because most old violins look bad. This also includes the Parisian eye pegs, Guarneri style chinrest, and tulip style tailpiece. case also has Among them, a genuine Joseph Rocca, certified by a famous dealer and sold by a reputable auction house. Becker" listed in Henley's Dictionary, but he stopped working in the Maker Provenance Year Available? R. 00. 1860-1870. Very fine German violin bow made by Carl Heinrich Knopf in Berlin, ca. 50 CAD. $2900: 3/4-198 Old Bohemian violin c1860, handmade: Very good warm, responsive, classical sound. In general, a student violin is made from lower-quality wood and involves less hand work. This bow is in a fantastic state of preservation being in mint condition. . Lord Wilton, an antique violin made by Guarneri del Gesu in 1742, was one of the most famous violins of Menuhin because of its powerful tone. Instruments made for students are generally made from different woods than professional models. $460. 100% of the original purchase price will be applied to the new violin. Reading a Violin Label. Customs services and I've worked on a couple of these pumpkin-orange, German-made, Lewis & Sons-distributed, Ton-Klar violins in the past. The neck, ribs and scroll are intense, narrowly flamed maple matching the figure of the back. Model 300: 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16: Franz Sandner Concert-Violins Made in Germany. Reply ↓ maria moussavi on July 8, 2013 at 1:12 am said: Zunterer was a businesslike man in his 50s who did not toy with my hopes: The violin, he explained in German, had indeed come from an inferior workshop, now impossible to identify. The Violin is in Good condition and ready to play. 99. There are three primary types of violins: student violins, intermediate violins, and professional violins. -. All of the Hardware looks to be Brass. German-made Helmut Illner B-level violin. German Violin 1800s with Bauernmalerei $ 1,595. . Instruments made for students are generally made from different woods than professional models. This is a beautifully wooded and finely made violin-among the very best of Markneukirchen and Germany This is a exceptionally fine sounding violin and certainly one of the best sounding violins I have ever played. WITTNER® Chin Rest, Chin Rest for Violin, Chin Rest for Viola, Chin Rest side mounting, Chin Rest centered mounting, Chin Rest Augsburg, Height and Tilt adjustable, Chin Rest Zuerich, played at the side, centered mounting, Height and Tilt adjustable, Made in Germany This is a hand made German violin by the maker Hermann Dolling Jr in 1929. . the front has a split in middle around bridge area. Made in Southern Germany c. com เป็นเนื้อหาของบทความหรือสินค้าโดยละเอียด. Many people think that he was the most talented violin artisan of the period. Germany today still hosts the single largest group of violin makers in Europe. Violins are made in three distinct ways. This old German violin, built in the 1930's, is a beautiful instrument that has a warm, strong and mature balanced sound - indeed good sound qualities at the price. 1925 The Kayser. Not all violins have labels, and you may have to blow away the dust and move the violin under the light to see whether yours does. If you look inside almost any violin through the f-hole, you should see a paper label glued to the inside back of the instrument. The wood is finished with an oil-varnish to accent the grain of the spruce. I heard rumors that people with a Conservatory Violin engraving on their violin had all of its identification on the underside of the front of the violin. German Violin, E. More violins at www. Tracking an old German made violin I am looking for the names of German luthiers that would have been working in Germany between 1850 and 1900. Model 801: Stradivari: 4/4 French made violin circa 1750 Stolen: 20 Nov 2010 - 25 Tarbell st. GEIB CASE, GLASSEN BOW, 1920'S? Amati Violin made in Germany. So that $2 violin in the Sears catalog had to have an original price from the actual maker of just a fraction of that amount. Sound is warm and large, just a great example of a professional German violin of 19-th century. Some parts may be made of plastic, like the chin rest and the tuning JTL Sarasate Violin circa 1930. This violin possesses a big, even sound. A Wexler is a fairly decent student violin made in Germany. com. Finest quality classical guitar strings, made in Germany since 1869. Product Number: VK200. $455. May 18, 2020 · A good old FRENCH violin made around 1900 in the JTL shop in Mirecourt. - musical instruments - Listen to Made in Germany: Works for Solo Violin by Herwig Zack on Apple Music. Scroll and neck are original of slightly figured maple. Winkelhof, Würzburg; great reputation both as maker and repairer. Includes either the hard shell vintage or tweed case. "Copy of Antonius Stradiuarius Cremonensis, Faciebat Anno 1721, Made in Germany. Ex-Vieuxtemps – US$3. N. Violin dimensions: 23″ x 8″. Roman Teller is as well known in the violin world as Roth or Heberlein. The violin though is kinda nice. This is the 65f model made in 2002. 1925 China Violin wholesale - Select 2021 high quality Violin products in best price from certified Chinese Guitar manufacturers, Musical Instruments suppliers, wholesalers and factory on Made-in-China. . This was also the case for many makers within Germany and for the most part, the vast majority of the German exports were made in small shops (cottages) and then sold to the large firms - hence the term "cottage industry". "Copy of Antonius Stradiuarius Cremonensis, Faciebat Anno 1721, Made in Germany. 1840; Fine violin bow by A. Student violins are great for children who are interested in learning, but are not yet sure if they will play for very long. Vintage Violin, 50+ years old, German made. Lyon & Healy imported some very fine instruments - this Ludwig Paganini violin among them. Master violin maker and restorer. ” Fractional Violin Bows; German Violin Bows; Old Violin Bows; Viola Bows . The back is of two pieces of quarter sawn maple, of medium width flaming, descending from the center seam. m. It is not the best student violin out there, but certainly not the worst either. Excellent value bows from one of Germany's leading workshops. W. On offer are several top bows (Peccatte, Maline, Founclause, Sartory, Tubbs, Nürnberger etc. The incomparable Stradivarius model is the best to replicate. Walther and published in 1732, illustrated at left. Over the next three centuries, violin makers, known as luthiers, produced some of the best instruments ever made. It is presumably German end 1700s / early 1800s with repair label dated 1749. He left us at just a bit more than 50 years of age. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for VINTAGE OLD ANTIQUE CERTIFIED 4/4 GERMAN MADE VIOLIN HOPF + ORIG. the bow looks to be in ok shape. 1860; Fine german violin bow by Franz Albert Nurnberger, ca. 74 USD. World War II and the rise, fall, and resurgence of violin making in a tiny corner of Germany. New for 2020 is the Artist series 500/1 Violin Bass. Clearly Rocca is a highly desirable maker. hebberts. Later on, Pfretzschner established his own workshop in Markneukirchen, where he was able to supply many bows made in the French style to German firms. Photos fairly depict a very nice instrument in at least very good shape. Also the neck was made with 2 piece maple woods. BUT, it's probably what you have- an inexpensive and not very valuable German or Czech copy. 00 #065N: Euro Step Up Standard Antique model violin with nicer European woods. The frog is inlaid with a mother of pearl eye in a style typical of Nürnberger from that period. But that has changed recently. The modes shown are in numerical naming order. An antique Lion head 4/ 4 violin, no visible mark but very likely German In need of some restoration, but body in excellent…. Callegari 3/4-2880 Antonio Stradivarius Germany 1926. Full Size Image. the neck is loose. The fittings are all ebony, from the fingerboard, nut, saddle, to the end button. 1895 – Lowendall Workshop Wilhelm Klier Violin A premier level violin made using selected top grade aged German Spruce and well flamed Maple to give warmer tonal response, without losing focus and depth. Those German made violins you see at the store that says it`s handmade? Actually those were fabricated by machine and the parts are shipped to Germany and America for final carvings on the instrument, so they can say that it WAS made by hand! Some are even priced $5000-10000!)Mark A drawing made by the organist, of musicians in the gallery of Freiberg Cathedral around 1712, clearly shows outwardly–arched, German–type bows, as does the engraving which forms the frontispiece to the Musikalisches Lexikon edited by Bach's cousin J. And, unfortunately, most of these "fake Stradivarius" are not very valuable. M. Schmidt workshop in Germany. The frog and adjuster are completely original and mounted with silver. The 1891 McKinley Tariff/ Truth In Labeling Laws Or No, You Do Not Have A Real Stradivarius. It is usually reasonably priced and is good for beginning students. For practical purposes this can be ignored unless it clearly says something in English like "Made in Germany," "Made in Bohemia" or "Made in China". brand (Deutsches Reichsgebrauchsmusteron, a low-cost German brand registration much like a copyright) on the button lead us to believe this bow was made in Germany sometime before World War II. A violin will be either crafted by a small group of people, manufactured in a factory or hand crafted by a single artisan. Free shipping. Windsor violins offer a reasonable quality instruments for those on a budget and are primarily aimed at the beginners and student market. 1 in G Minor, BWV 1001: I. (Sold) N. Gartsman violins, Nicolas Maline model. I am satisfied with each of the top good quality of this Sandner German Made Full Size Violin, SAN-306 I received. The case Shows its Age with wear. With over two decades spent serving string players around the world, StringWorks is the best source for high-quality stringed instruments and customer service. Fawick experimented extensively with violin making, using his Stradivarius as a model, and came up with a plan to produce new violins using carefully chosen treated wood. This violin has a strong voice that’s perfect for a violin section or a [pick your genre] jam session. Please listen to the video / soundfile & click on the image to see all detailed XXL photos below as part of the description! Nicely carved scroll and accurately inlaid purfling. They claimed: Geigen Bass und Cellobau just as you can read it in your violin too. He studied with both Nicolò Amati and Jacob Stainer. 8047c - A violin by Hilaire Darche, Bruxelles Belgium 1908. The two-piece back is of narrow and faint figure, the varnish is golden-orange. This instrument was originally owned by an inmate who played in the men orchestra at the concentration camp in Auschwitz. It h Old German master violin - Stradiuarius model by Ernst Heinrich Roth 1961. Made from quality wood with very few marks and a very subtle join in the two-piece back. Any responsible violin shop or dealer tries to stock a range of Italian, German, French, and American –made violins, from most of the representative schools of violinmaking. Reichert violins were made in Saxony and deliver some of the best tonal color available in older European workshop Violin must be in original condition. Maybe by the Ernst Heinrich Roth company . A violin will be either crafted by a small group of people, manufactured in a factory or hand crafted by a single artisan. Only 1 left! Matthias himself had studied to be a Geigenmacher (luthier or violin maker) in Padua, Italy in the 1670s as a student of Jacob Stainer, whose reputation at the time was he made fine violins that rivaled the work of Stradivari. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. Finetune-Pegs for Violin. Knilling violins are known for their quality and tone. Donauworth,Bavaria, 1699. List Price: US$645. A second violin bearing the same label was made by John Lott, perhaps the best of the English makers. Varnish is light brownish amber. German made Roderich Paesold full size (4/4) violin. They also lack the handcrafted features found on professional instruments. Later in the decade and in the 1930s, the Great Depression squelched what demand was left, leading to a profound change in the German violin making business. A GERMAN VIOLIN. Violin, Students /Beginners Violin, Violin Wholesale manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Professional German Stradivari Handmade Violin Made in China, High Grade Custom Oblong Violin Hard Case 4/4, Fiber Carbon Violin Case 4/4 in China and so on. This instrument was recently restored to full playing condition by the respected Gary Ritter Strings. The "Made in Germany" label is not a German invention. Violin German c. I have a German made copy of a Nicholas Amati violin which… I have my grandmothers violin it is a copy of a Nicolaus I have my grandmothers violin it is a copy of a Nicolaus Amati violin made in Germany. HARD CASE~VIDEO at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Germany was home to one of the great early violin makers--Jacob Stainer. One of my students had a Wexler violin and it had a warm Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on Sandner German Made Full Size Violin, SAN-306. " Main Violin Shop has been providing high quality violin sales and professional equipment care since 2001. Traditionally the strings of a violin were made out of sheep gut, which was commonly known as catgut. 1962 Hofner 500/1 V62 reissue Violin Bass in Sunburst Finish. 00 Find the cheap German Violin, Find the best German Violin deals, Sourcing the right German Violin supplier can be time-consuming and difficult. Photos fairly depict a nice instrument. $995 (Click on images to enlarge) Eduard Reichert, 1910, German 4/4. The While Cremona, Italy, is generally accepted as the birthplace of the violin, instruments by the great Cremonese makers quickly found themselves in the hands of skilled German craftsmen, who happened to live in a geographic and economic sweet-spot for violin making. It’s currently a bit busy. After the split of Germany until its reunification in the 1990's, labels were marked "Made in West Germany" or "Made in East Germany. 1920 The top table is a two-piece plate of fine vertical grained spruce The back table is a one-piece plate of burled maple The ribs are of a moderately flamed maple The scroll is original with a plain grained maple neck graft The varnish is of […] Violin (includes case + accessories + 1 bow) – 1879 – German made – can’t read the maker… +Bow – Erich Steiner violin bow. 00. This had a significant effect on German violin making. German instruments have always made up a good portion of instruments available My violin was German made Stradivarius copy, pre-world war II…. In the 19th century, Germany mass produced copies of the early violin makers to meet the growing demand for stringed instruments in North America and the world. Heffler Violin Made in Germany is crafted with European tonewoods. or Best Offer +C $44. Pre-Owned. But it was made in the 18th century. These bows are made from quality Brazilwood and ebony, traditional materials for many decades in the m Student Violins. These instruments were mostly made in Germany, Czechoslovakia or France, but some other countries also produced instruments. it is top quality and functions as advertised. $1495 Photo Photo Photo W-28VN, A new German violin made in the workshop of Lothar Semmlinger. Sides mounted to the back, purfling groove is cut, complete neck with ebony fingerboard and fitted pegs, tailpiece, saddle, endpin, purfling, soundpostsetter, bridge, strings, detailed instructions. it has a finely grained spruce top and nicely flamed two piece back. German nickle-silver mounted ebony frog with Large tight-ringed eyes on sides of frog. Made in Germany--Please note: All--- Fingerboards needs to be fitted to each violin--made a little large in width for fitting. $58 Product page Teller Only Violin Tailpieces of Teller The Smithsonian says "thousands upon thousands" of inexpensive replicas were made in the 19th century, when "the purchaser knew he was buying an inexpensive violin and accepted the label as a A violin made by a German prisoner of war interned at the High Garret camp in Braintree, Essex has been lovingly restored by Russell Stowe of Woodbridge Violins in Suffolk and has recently been played, for the first time in years, by Jonathan Morton who said, “It just sings out at you. (Sold) N. Low profile Jakob Winter hard case (lockable, with keys). Add to Wishlist. Weisshaar made history with his unprecedented restorations of the “Red Diamond” violin, which afterward became dramatic international news, and “The Bass of Spain” cello, both made by Antonius Stradivari. 1930. Some parts may be made of plastic, like the chin rest and the tuning JTL Sarasate Violin circa 1930. Identify the words on the label. It came about as part of the British Merchandise Marks Act, which took effect on August 23, 1887. german made violin